World class expert in roll-to-roll converting machinery

The latest technology

PNT maintains continuous cooperation with Korea’s leading battery manufacturers, and possesses the latest trending technologies. Since the development of the wide-width coater for the lithium-ion battery electrode in 2012, we have been delivering high-speed wide-width machines for mass production. (foil width 1450mm, production speed 100m/min or more)

Expert in roll-to-roll converting

PNT is a company that has grown mainly with various roll-to-roll converting machines. We have strengths in underlying technologies such as web guiding, tension control, auto turret, auto splicing, coating, calendering, and slitting, and through this, we are designing machines so that it can run without any kind of wrinkled or broken during the process.

Mass production capability

In line with recent rapid expansion of battery industry, we relocated to a large new factory which is more than 100,000 square meters in October 2020, and have an annual production capacity of more than 80 mass-production coaters. In addition, 80% of our employees are majored in engineering, and we provide professional customer services after delivery.


We mainly supply various roll-to-roll converting machines such as coater, calender, slitter, and also automation equipment. Especially in the fields of lithium-ion battery, separator, copper foil, film, filter, non-woven fabric, paper, etc.