Polaroid Film Rotary Cutting & Slitting Machine

Polaroid Film Rotary Cutting & Slitting Machine

Machine Introduction

PNT’s Rotary Cutting & Slitting Machine is using rotary cutting type and designed to detect defect film in real time by vision system on polarizing film or TAC film.

This multifunctional machine is using rotary cutting and slitting in one-line.

This Rotary Cutting & Slitting machine is designed to handle web thickness from 400pm to 117pm. Max 2,000mm of material width is applicable at the Max speed of 60m/min.

Machine Specification


General specification

Web Material

Polarizing Film , TAC film

Web Thickness

117 ~ 400 micron

Web Width

Min.412mm ~ Max. 2,000mm.

Roll Width

Max. 2,500mmL

Mechanical Speed

Max.60m/min. (Working Speed : 50m/min)

Unwinding Diameter

Max. 1,000mm (Weight: Max. 2,500kg).

Unwinding Direction

For both Upward & Downward

Unwind Tension

Max. 400N.

Slitting Type

Shear Knife Cutting System.

Cutting Type

Rotary Cutting System.