Release Film Coating Machine

Release Film Coating Machine

Machine Introduction

By applying for PNT’s accumulated knowhow, PNT’s release coater is developed to high speed release coating machine. It has more high productivity, easier workability and better price competitiveness than established release coating machine. Coating machine as below uses PET to Kiss Gravure coating system. Drying type is air floating type.

Machine Specification


General specification

Web Material

PET Film

Web 자lickness

Max. 125pm ~ Min. 20ym. (Nor. Max. 30㎛ ~ Min. 20㎛).

Web Dia.


Web Width

Max. 2,200mm ~ Min. 1,320mm

Roll Width


Mechanical Speed

Max. 300m/min (Nor. 200m/min)

Coating System

Kiss Roll & Gravure Chamber Doctor Coating Type.

Dryer Type

Hot heating type by Jet Nozzle