Separator Winding Machine

Separator Winding Machine

Machine Introduction

Separator Winding machine of People & Technology is suitable for processing poroosity film which is coating separator film web on the Separator Film. This Separator Winding machine designed to handle web thickness from 10pm to 30㎛. Max 60mm of material width is available and 0.5~2Kgf of tension is applicable at the Max speed of 700m/min. Only little vibration is generated during maximum speed operation

Machine Specification


General specification

Web Material

Separator Film

Web Thickness

Min. 10pm ~ Max. 30pm (Normal : Max. 20㎛ ~ Min. 12㎛)

Web Width


Roll Width

300 mm

Mechanical Speed

Max. 700m/min (Normal. 600m/min)

Unwind Diameter

Max. 350 mm

Rewind Diameter

Max. 350 mm

Winding System

Shaft Center Winding System with Touch Roll